Choosing the Best Paint Booth Based on Product

Mar 31, 2022 | Blog

RTT is an industry leading engineering company that manufactures paint booths with a wide range of applications for a diverse and growing market place. 

Paint Booth

For companies and individuals who are in the market for a paint booth, there are a lot of variables to consider when choosing the right booth. While this can be a daunting task, thankfully it all starts with some easy fundamental steps.

Open Front Paint Booth

What is the part or parts that you will be painting with this paint booth? If this can be easily answered, that is more than half the battle. For some companies, this might be difficult because the sky is the limit, and you never know what will come through the door next. If this is the case for your company, let’s plan for “worst case scenario” of size and weight.

Once you have determined the worst-case scenario, you will be able to size the working area of the paint booth to meet that need, which is generally determined to be 3’ around the part.

Large Equipment Paint Booth

Next you can choose the right airflow. While there are benefits to certain airflows, the good news is that there really isn’t a wrong one. Airflows like the side-down draft and pit down are very efficient at catching overspray and allow for multiple painters to work inside the area at the same time. Cross drafts have less exterior space requirements and don’t require pit excavation.

Lastly, how will the parts be moved into the paint booth? Developing a plan and paint process will help dial-in important details for location, sizing and airflow.

Side Downdraft Large Equipment Paint Booth

Let RTT know if we can help you choose the right equipment to better control your supply chain.