RTT Engineered Solutions is dedicated to identifying ways to improve customer’s processes and cost savings opportunities. This can’t be done sitting in the office so RTT’s leadership and sales teams spend significant time in the field traveling with distribution partners talking to end-users. Bringing new innovation to the marketplace requires a keen sense of the finishing process to identifying where improvements can be made. These insights can only be gained by spending time with customers and truly understanding the daily challenges and obstacles they face as they strive to meet production demands. The feedback gathered during these visits is invaluable and leads to identifying the customers unmet needs which leads to innovation opportunities. The various new products highlighted here are just another example of the innovation that RTT brings to the market.



The AutoSeal Roll Up Oven Door is designed with patented air-tight sealing technology that offers energy efficiency, improved safety, less maintenance and space-savings.



Proper lighting plays an important role in achieving a high-quality finish. RTT’s E-Light LED lighting offers significant advantages over fluorescent lights and now comes standard in all RTT booths.



FilterLoc is RTT’s zip-to-lock technology which provides a tighter seal to the booth eliminating overspray bypass into the exhaust chamber. The new technology provides savings by allowing the utilization of roll media reducing overall cost.

smart batch


RTT’s patent pending SmartBatch technology allows for “real-time” monitoring of part temperature. SmartBatch technology incorporates part temperature probes into the design of the batch oven and control panel for monitoring part temperature during the cure process. 

smart connect

Smart Connect

The RTT SmartConnect app provides the ability to remotely view oven status when the control panel is connected to an active internet connection.

tangent process

Tangent Process

The TangentProcess accommodates a non-linear conveyor path, which increases the available application time allowing the product being coated to be in the process area up to three times longer.