autoseal: batch oven roll up door

When it comes to industrial ovens, it is important to have a door system with reliable seals and high durability under continuous open/close cycles. An alternative to traditional oven doors, the new AutoSeal Roll Up Oven Door is designed with patented air-tight sealing technology that offers energy efficiency, improved safety, less maintenance and space-savings. AutoSeal Roll Up doors are perfect for batch cure ovens with operational temperatures up to 500F. The patented sealing technology creates an airtight environment for your curing operation and comes with two-year warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • 10-20% energy savings due to superior sealing technology
  • Reduces the amount of energy lost each time the door is opened
  • Operating efficiency increases number of batches per day that can be processed
  • Increases work-flow and minimizes oven footprint requirement
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Easy access with remote control or push button wall station

Cost Saving

  • Most end users realize a one-year return on investment based on energy and efficiency savings
  • Variable door height opening allows for the retention of more heat
  • Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications
  • Reduced oven footprint
  • Doors are impact resistant
  • Eliminates oven door warpage issues
  • Industry leading 2-Year Warranty


  • Improved safety as operators are not exposed to hot air while opening ovens doors
  • Flame resistant aluminized fabric protects from high temperatures and radiant energy
  • Door exterior remains cool to the touch eliminating the need for personal safety equipment such as gloves to open or close doors
  • Various options for hands-free operation available