Preparation equipment

RTT engineers and designs custom preparation equipment to thoroughly clean and prepare your product prior to coating. Whether you require chemical or mechanical preparation, RTT can design and build a complete washer system to meet your specific needs.

Booth Features

  • Pass Through Chemical Washers
  • Blast Booth Enclosures
  • Sanding and Grinding Booths
  • Wash Booths
  • Prep Stations

Wash Booths

RTT’s Wash Booths are custom designed to meet the surface preparation requirements for the application. Aspects of the design are generated to the exact need of the products used in the washing application. These rugged industrial wash booths can provide full environmental containment, while utilizing wet duty fans, that work to exhaust the moisture-ridden air through a series of baffles located at roof level. These baffles are designed to condense steam and smaller moisture particles that are recliamed into a collection system and reused while providing a clear illuminated work area.

Booth Features

  • 18 gauge galvanized steel panels

  • Air flow is designed to exhaust away from doors and openings to help control mist with a modified updraft design

  • Fully customizable to meet the chemical requirements of your process
  • E-Light True LED fixtures provide a minimum of 100 foot candles of lighting
    • Stainless steel E-light True LED fixtures for stainless steel enclosures.